singularity, Re: Why not Cryonics

Jared Blackburn blackjar at
Wed Aug 21 12:57:48 EST 1996

Richard Kerr wrote:
> And here I was thinking that a singularity was a term used in physics
> associated with black-holes and other objects that have infinite
> mass--strong gravity--little physical (3-D) space.

The term can also be use to refer to a mathematically instabe point in a 
non-linear (chaotic system).  These singualrities appear as non-continuous 
points in phase space models.  To disrupt a system at it's a singualrity can 
be horribly destructive - some have hypothesized it to cause some heart 
attack in appearently healthy patients.  Singularities of this type also make 
a system very hard to understand, control, or work with.


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