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Robert Duncan rdunca19 at mail.idt.net
Tue Aug 13 09:18:49 EST 1996

nlscomm wrote:
>                               (Aug. 9, 1996)
> Dear tumour specialist,
>       My grandmother is 74 years old, diagnosed as Gastric cancer. On
>   Feruary 5th,1996, she underwent radical gastrectomy. During the operation
>   the tumour was located near the pylorus which was about 4*5 cm  big as
>   infiltrating type.Around the antrum the lymphadens were large, so she
>   underwent radical gastrectomy and gastroduodenostomy.
>       Pthology report:adenocarcinoma,infiltrating type, pylorus lymph
>   metastasis, and stomach lesser curvative lymphadens is hyperlastic
>   (reaction).
>       The patient is emaciated,asthenia, so mo chemotherapy was performed.
>       On April 1st,1996, she took cephalexia after upper resperatory
>   infection,but suffered from drug allergy such as facial edema,drug
>   eruption and desquamation. It lasted for a month.
>       In May 1996,she suffered fron severe pyrexia and asthma. During that
>   time R:30/min, HR:120/min,diagnosed as pneumonia and was treated by
>   ceftriaxone and oxygensupport. A chest X-ray and abdominal CT revealed
>   lungs and liver metastasis, so she was treated by given Chinese herbs
>   "hua chan su",iv. During the treatment she suffered from acute anterior
>   myocardial infarcting, after the resuscitation she seemed to be stable,
>   till now her vital signs are maintained in a supine position with low
>   volume oxygen. Now her respiration is maintained about 30/min,pulse:
>   110-120/min. General condition is worse,emaciated and asthenia. She can
>   take one pound of milk and 50 grams of rice each meal.
>       If you have any sound therapy or relative information, please contact
>   me by e-mail. I will be deeply grateful for your kindness.
>       Sincerely
>           Zhu Yue
>          Student of Nankai University
>          Email:zhurz at cc5.imech.ac.cn
> Sorry had ephedrine on my mind, the hua chan su most likely wasn't a 
causitive agent.

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