whiplash whit cronic pain.

rkeppels at worldaccess.nl rkeppels at worldaccess.nl
Sun Aug 11 08:07:01 EST 1996

Dear Sir:
I have a client with a post whilash syndrome an chronic pain syndrome.
Symp: pain in the neck (between 1 an 3 cervical). pain in the left an right
upperlimbs an underlimbs, neuralgia, sensibility is disturbe, deafness in
left and right ear, eysigjt imperfect, tremors.
Begin was a caraccident in january 1992.
The pain management group in the Netherlands can't working with this 
medicalproblem not with medication and/or with revalidation.
The patient have for sleepproblem medication: Loramed 2 before sleeping
and together with 3 25 mg tryptisol.
And for manualfunction Cesartherapy that is all.

Who can give me a advice and/or documentage and/or adres.
Every information is welcome.

Ithank you for you're coroporation.


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