Homeostatic Regulation of Thirst

Chris hatton at ifn-magdeburg.de
Thu Aug 22 20:21:50 EST 1996

Hang on, how about sweating and breathing, still a loss of water.  Yes
its relative, your kidneys will help you save water, but soft drinks etc
don't just contain water.  The body needs to secrete much of its waste
in a soluble form ie via the kidneys. Whilst the kidneys are efficient
water retainers, a prolonged "moderate" dehydration doesn't do the
homeostasis any good in the long term.  The build up of toxic compounds
in the kidney, will not only kill the cells but eventually damage the
organ.  Hence the need to drink water, and not just tea, coffee, cola

Any estimates on the loss of water by breathing, whilst lying down, is
uspect more than people think.

Chris Hatton

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