Fluvoxamine against jet-lag

Claude de Contrecoeur Cyrano at beehive.twics.com
Mon Aug 26 07:36:34 EST 1996


Fluvoxamine blocks the effects of jet-lag.
Fluvoxamine was the FIRST successful specific serotonine-reuptake-blocker(SSRI)to 
stand the test of time.
Fluvoxamine is a Duphar product.
Fluvoxamine is a TYPICAL  serotonine-reuptake-blocker,as opposed to fluoxetine which 
is an atypical serotonine-reuptake-blocker.
Typical and atypical SSRIs are distinguished by the following properties:


A.Induce sleep.
B.Reduce the number of spontaneous thoughts per unit of time(this is called a 
"pro-attenuation" effect).
C.Reduce headaches or general flu-like pains.
D.Reduce reactions to stress by induction of placidity and emotional indifference.
E.Suppress recalls of dreams.
F.Suppress rapidly moral pain associated to depression and suicidal ideation.
G.Reduce aggressivity.

Fluvoxamine is the prototype of the typical SSRIs.
Typical SSRIs are thought to act by diminishing dopaminergic neurotransmission via 
serotoninergic mechanisms.


A.Induce insomnia.
B.Induce headaches.
C.Can stimulate aggressivity.
D.Increase dream recalls.
E.Induce subhallucinations in darkness.

Fluoxetine is the prototype of an atypical SSRI.
Fluoxetine is thought to act by increasing dopaminergic neurotransmission via indirect 
stimulation of serotoninergic 5-HT2A receptors.
In a way,fluoxetine is a very mild hallucinogen.

The typical SSRI Fluvoxamine can suppress the unwanted side-effects of Fluoxetine...
Insomnia and headaches induced by a dose of 2O mgr of fluoxetine are promptly 
antagonised by an equipotent dose of IOO mgr of fluvoxamine.
Subhallucinations induced by fluoxetine are,also,efficiently blocked by fluvoxamine.

Fluvoxamine in jet-lag
I,incidentally,discovered the interesting properties of fluvoxamine against the 
effects of jet-lag!
If you take a IOO mgr dose of fluvoxamine let say one hour before the departure to a 
far away country you arrive fresh at your destination without experiencing jet-lag.
I have been using fluvoxamine to that effect since its introduction in Switzerland,a 
long time ago!
So I would like to encourage researchers to explore the anti jet-lag effects of 

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