numbness in my pinky!

Rose Reich rreich at
Tue Aug 27 17:04:46 EST 1996

Tanya Gray (tanyag at CURSCI.CO.UK) wrote:
: I have just read the message threads relating to numbness with interest. 
: My little finger has been numb for over a week, although there hasn't 
: been a'pins & needles' sensation. I cycle daily, on heavily-polluted 
: roads, and use a salbutamol inhaler for exercise-induced asthma. Could 
: any of these factors be responsible for a numb pinky?

: Tanya
: Editor, ID research alert, Alzheimers disease
: Current Drugs, London


: tanyag at

Ok. This is my guess.

I cycle too and i notice that sometimes the pressure on my wrist can 
cause a slight compression of the ulna nerve, which supplies the sensory 
input for the medial 1 and 1/2 fingers (ie. Pinky) So this could simply 
be it.


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