FYI: What is the MediQual Outcomes database?

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Tue Aug 27 15:05:42 EST 1996

As I was surfing one of my bookmarked medical sites, Avicenna , I decided see what their outcomes database was
all about. In case you are not familiar with them, outcomes databases are
an excellent way to compare or justify costs and length of stays for your
patients against a standard. 
Briefly, the Outcomes database is determined as follows (direct copy from
the site): 
 MediQual ... has analyzed over 5 million patient outcomes from over 500
hospitals ... MediQual selected the top 5% with the lowest mortality and
shortest length of stay (versus a severity-adjusted expectation) for 16
different treatments generally associated with severely ill patients.
Individual patient data from each selected hospital was then aggregated to
generate Best Outcomes Benchmarks. Benchmarks are available for 16
treatments with principal diagnostic and principal procedure-level detail;
see also an overall profile of these patients, and a summary by treatment. 

You can click on categories and see the data arranged in many different
orders, such as Length of Stay, type of procedure, age, etc. 
Once you get the hang of it, this is a great little resource for comparing
treatment stays and giving benchmarks for your treatments. 
J Wasco, MD 

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