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Dear Gary:  Thank you for your note.  Thought you would like an update!


*****ct: She will make a difference! RIGHT TO PUBLISH!

                                        Mrs. Jesse Parker Hobson
                                        1089 County Road A
                                        Hudson, Wisconsin 54016
                                        August 26, 1996

Dr. Doris Derelian, President
216 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Dr. Derelian, your sellout

              to commercial profiteers shames the ADA and all it's 
members. The stench of hypocrisy is so unendurable I must resign my 21 
year Registered Dietitian status as an act of conscience.  I'll be no
part of an organization that pimps poisons in the name of nutrition.

I have a Master's Degree in Food Science and Nutrition and my thesis was 
Maternal nutrition Critical in Fetal Development, which examined the 
tragic consequences of deficient maternal nutrition:  prematurity, 
stillbirth, underdevelopment, retardation and infant morbidity and 
mortality.  The score is 250,000 birth defects/year and rising.  I'm 
horrified the ADA touts aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal, a known abortive and 
teratogen, inducer of birth defects, for 75,000 pieces of silver.  

Spoke Dr. Louis Elsas of Emory Univ, Director of the Division of Medical 
Genetics and Professor of Pediatrics on 11/3/87 in Congressional testimony:

  "aspartame is in fact a well known neurotoxin and teratogen
  which in some as yet undefined dose will ... irreversibly in
  the developing child or fetal brain produce adverse effects."

Your sheet, FACTS ABOUT ASPARTAME advises:  "People of all ages including 
pregnant or breastfeeding women, teens and children over two years old, 
can enjoy products sweetened with aspartame."  Enjoy spontaneous 
abortions, deformed and mentally retarded babies!  Unbelievably you've 
prostituted our mission as The New York Times said:


  The stated mission of the ADA is "to improve the health of the
  public."  But the group ... is being increasingly criticized for its
  aggressive pursuit of cash from trade groups like the Sugar Association ..
  Coca Cola, M&M Mars, McDonalds and Sara Lee.  1.4 million was raised
  from corporations and trade groups, another $830,000 from advertisements..
  about 15% of the years budget ... the association's most fundamental
  position:  THERE ARE NO BAD FOODS.

  Dr. Derelian agrees that the group "Does not believe in negative material."
  ... Some members do not approve of the association's relationship with the
  Monsanto Co., which hired the association to field calls from consumers 
  about the use of the controversial bovine growth hormone. (BGH)

Dr. Derelian, did you get your degree at 3 monkeys U?

Research reveals BGH treated cows give milk far higher in pus and IGF, 
Insulin Growth Factor.  Excess IGF triggers cancer, and the spleens of 
lab animals were enlarged up to 46%, a preleukemic condition!

You sing: "Aspartame has special benefits for diabetics."  Blindness, 
convulsions, seizures, loss of diabetic control and death; all listed in 
the FDA report of 92 adverse reactions, which you ignore.  It was even 
listed with the Pentagon in in inventory of potential biochemical 
weapons!  But greedblind the ADA endorses any dietary debacle:

Watered juice is just as good            Who needs nutrition, food, etc?
MSG is great!                            For undertakers
Feel placid 'bout trans-fatty acid       Will kill 30,000 this year
BGH is wonderful!                        Only maims cows and people
Any McDonald's meal deserves our name    You said that, Doris!  Ugh!
Blessed be Malaysian Palm Oil            Brings you close to the soil
Olestra is Besta                         For pains in your chesta

ADA now lobbies in state legislatures for a monopoly on nutritional
counseling, making it illegal for a coach to tell the team to lay off 
fats, or anyone else to discuss the subject.  You plot away our freedom 
of speech with our freedom of foods! VOL 84 of ADA REPORTS explains your 
motive:  "the purported purpose is to protect the public.  This provides 
competitive advantage economically beneficial for dietitianss.  When you
pass the law ... get the minimum framework ... and sock it to them with 
rules and regs because you sure can.  Our board is the enforcement.  WE 

"Malnutrition is said to cause 50,000 preventable hospital deaths per 
year, while affecting another half million patient recoveries."  
MALNUTRITION IS STARVATION, and I've seen it done.  I'm published on pre 
and post surgical geriatric nutritional support, and know that deaths 
skyrocket with dietary insufficiency.  When I would advise Food Service 
Directors that certain patients required nutritional support often they 
would respond "that's the doctor's problem."  Their goal was cost 
containment, cheap food, not patient survival.  Their chief motive was to 
please administration with a low budget.  

You've become a bunch of Nazis, and our schools and hospitals are your 
concentration camps!  Now, with Gestapo-like treachery you strive for 
total takeover:  To strange freedom of speech, to disenfranchise 
thousands of non ADA nutritional practitioners, to encrust another layer 
of barnacles on the Ship of State, and to empower a gender and 
racially-skewed-elite, 92% white women unfamiliar with ethnic foods, who 
have refused the formation of a Black Caucus within the ADA!

Dr. Derelian, I believe these lines embody the ideals of the ADA.  
Permission to reproduce this open letter is granted to all readers:

                     DIETITIAN'S AGENDA

           Conflict-of-interest works for us
           We're grabbing the money, so what's the fuss
           Good food, bad food, it's all the same
           Grab a Big Mac and come to the game
           Play for money and power and corporate perks
           With the ADA, just a bunch of greedy jerks!


                    Jesse Parker Hobson

David, there are a lot of people who would also like to make a difference 
and with this letter I would like to mention a meeting being held in 
Washington in May, 1997.  Everybody concerned with our food supply being 
poisoned and feel like Jesse Parker Hobson - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! can 
meet each other.  We will decide what to do to put an end to this insanity.
We'll have a big buffet and enjoy ourselves.  Each one will be able to speak.
We will meet the press and address the nation. We will write history, and 
we will become the Committee of 1000.  

For those who want to be there and register simply email Bob Cohen above 
or call him at 1 201 -599-0325.  Bob Cohen is the man who filed suit 
against the FDA for failure under Freedom of Information to release all 
the information on the bovine growth hormone.  The Judge will make the 
decision on September 9 and those who wish to write the Judge and ask him 
to please carry out the law for (1) it is the law and (2) for the sake of 
the health and welfare of the public, can write him at:

Honorable Judge William H. Walls
U.S. District Court
Martin Luther King, Jr. Courthouse
50 Walnut Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Re:  CIV 95-6140

Letters from other countries will help because if we don't stop the 
madness here it will spread to our fellowman around the globe.  Monsanto 
is the manufacturer of NutraSweet and the bovine growth hormone.  Further 
information on request.

Let's all make a difference, and bravo for Jesse Parker Hobson and Robert 
Cohen, two very courageous people!

                             Betty Martini
                             Mission Possible   
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We are dedicated to the proposition that we will not be satisfied until death 
and disability are no longer considered an acceptable cost of business.

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