Surface EMG's

Leslie E. Packer, PhD lpacker at
Wed Aug 28 13:45:37 EST 1996

On Aug 27, 1996 15:18:03 in article <Surface EMG's>, 'lexf at (Ellis
F. Friedman, MD)' wrote: 
>Does anyone have citations about surface EMG's for "pain scan" in patients

>with cervical/low back pain?  I have seen this being used by 
>physicaltherapists/ orthopaedists but it appears to be just a gimmic 
>without any scientific validity.  It seems to be used in patients involved

>in litigation. 
>Ellis F. Friedman, M.D. 
Have you looked at any of Jeff Cram's stuff on the question? 
Not recommending it, but just thought it might be relevant to your
Leslie E. Packer, PhD

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