poincare plots of ISIs from neurons

Hawley K. Rising III rising at a.crl.com
Wed Aug 28 19:09:51 EST 1996

In message <4vknmg$pvs at uni.library.ucla.edu> - AndrewL at physci.lifesci.ucla.edu
(Andrew Lapin)Fri, 23 Aug 1996 16:50:14 GMT writes:
:>does anyone know of software available commercially or as shareware
:>that can analyze spike trains from neurons, pick the spike peaks then
:>compute interspike intervals (ISIs) and subsequently plot the ISIs as
:>a one-dimensional return map ISI(x+1) = f(ISI(x)) or sometimes called
:>a poincare plot.
:>i would appreciate suggestions, thank you

Not sure I understand.  What space do these ISI's live in that a Poincare
section would be appropriate?  That is to say, what other coordinates are
being looked at?

Hawley Rising
rising at a.crl.com

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