Staff Research Associate III position at U.C.-Berkeley

Fei Lin feilin at
Fri Aug 30 16:11:04 EST 1996

Staff Research Associate III
Molecular & Cell Biology:  Life Sciences Addition
$32,600 - 48,900 (full-time rate)
Hours:  to be arranged
Closing date:  open until filled

Career position with annual 3-month furlough (mid-May - mid-
August).  Assume responsibility for organization, planning, and
technical preparation of the neurobiology teaching laboratory.  Set up,
calibrate, maintain, and troubleshoot electronic/physiological
equipment.  Prepare nervous system dissections for video
demonstration.  Develop new experimental protocols, including
computer-based data acquisition systems and video imaging of
nerve cells.  Supervise junior staff.  Qualifications: 
Coursework in biological sciences, including intensive laboratory
experience in neurobiology.  Recent experience in
neurophysiological instrumentation and familiarity with computer-
based data acquisition systems and video imaging programs. 
Analytical ability, mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity, and
interpersonal skills essential.  Note:  Scientific/Laboratory
Research Skills supplement form or a transcript required.

Applications for Job# 08-300-30/SL are available through 
the Berkeley Campus Personnel Office
2200 University Avenue, Room 7G
Berkeley, CA 94720

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