Left/right brain integration

Kevin Spencer kspencer at s.psych.uiuc.edu
Sun Dec 1 17:56:42 EST 1996

smisch at tiac.not (samson.fischkind) writes:

>Perry Sill wrote:
>> Does anyone know of any literature on a relationship between a) deficits of
>> integration between the left & right brains, and b) personality? I am
>> interested in such formulations as they would apply to normal (not
>> split-brain or otherwise brain-damaged) subjects. Thanks in advance.

>Really though, i think the split-brain literature is exactly where you
>want to look. The problem, put briefly: if there is evidence of
>hemispheric autonomy in split-brains, why shouldn't the same be true in
>those whose commissures happen to be intact (ie., should we assume _total_
>integration in 'normals')? At least this is the way the question has been
>approached historically.

A problem with comparing split-brain patients to neurologically-intact
persons is reorganization of the "split" brains.  The patterns of
hemispheric interaction after callosotomy are likely to be quite different
than before the operation.  The subcortical interhemispheric pathways
may pick up some of the slack that the callosum would have handled (not
nearly as much though).

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