Left/right brain integration

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> The example of cross-sectional variation of the calossum in musicians
> is discussed at length, 

'Cross-sectional' at what level of development?

> and in general Helige directly cites and
> discusses studies which reveal how the regions of the Calossum
> (rostrum, genu, splenium, etc) change relative to eachother and in
> concert w.r.t. specialized expertise and w.r.t. observed performance
> in experiments.

Interesting. But is there any evidence concerning whether this is true
before or after there is a differentiation between 'musicians' and
'non-musicians'? Or an interaction with age (as another poster points

Still, even if it might be 'just' developmental and not 'genetic', it is
fascinating that they can correlate this stuff at all. Do you think this
Helige needs anyone to do phone interviews or something? I needs the

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