Left/right brain integration

Ian Walker iw103 at york.ac.uk
Mon Dec 2 08:49:59 EST 1996

tonmaas at xs4all.nl (Ton Maas) wrote:
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>Ian Walker <iw103 at york.ac.uk> wrote:
>>Whilst we're discussing this I thought I'd share with you all a
>>fascinating study I read recently which found that the corpus callosum
>>(the main bundle of connections between the two hemispheres) was thicker
>>and better-connected in musicians than in controls, but only if they had
>>started learning their instrument before the age of 7.  Interesting, eh?
>Please give us a few more references. This is indeed highly interesting
>"stuff" and I for one would like to know more about it. If only this could
>be tied in with Mittelstaedt/Bateson's notion of feedback vs. calibration!
>Mmm :-)
>Ton Maas, Amsterdam NL

Right, Ton, I know I've told you this but I'm going to come clean to the whole world and am putting this message on the newsgroup.  I hereby admit that I was a complete donkey for mentioning this subject without giving the reference.  Thanks to all those who emailed me requesting it, and I'm sorry I was too lazy to find the complete reference ;-)  Anyway, I now feel so guilty for whetting everybody's appetites unfairly that I've found it - the reference, that is, so here you go:

Schlaug, G., Jancke, L., Huang, Y.X., Staiger, J.F., & Steimetz, H. (1995). Increased corpus callosum size in musicians. </i>Neuropsychologia</i>, 33(8), p. 1047.

The more observant amongst those who emailed me wil notice that I said it was published in 1996 rather than 1995.  I can only say that doesn't time fly?  Must be my old age catching up on me...

By the way, I'm not familiar with the research you mention above...could you give more information about this?


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