Trans-neural labeling info request.

Scott Jacoves sjacoves at
Mon Dec 2 01:22:15 EST 1996

Hello. I'm a graduate student at the University of Toronto, working
towards a neuroethology degree in Zoology.
	My research focuses on the characterisation of the neurological
subtrate underying tymbal sound production in a variety of hexapods. I'm
currently looking for a better, quicker way to nail down pathways, as
I'm hoping to examine the information-processing capability of a central
pattern generator, and most of the interneurons are unknown.
	My first choice was to use an Iridovirus to trans-synaptically trace
the pathway. Unfortunately, the lab I work in is not geared for class 2
biohazard protocols. I'm now looking for other possible routes for
trans-synaptic (and hopefully flourescent) labeling. The only prep I've
found after many exhaustive literature searches is Horseradish
peroxidase conjugated with wheat germ lectin. If this prep works (as far
as I can tell, no one has intracellulary ionotophoresed this into insect
neurons), this will only travel anterograde. My CPG is probably a second
order interneuron on the efferent end of the path, so I need a
retrograde label.

	Does anyone have any ideas? Any would be appreciated, brainstorms


	Scott jacoves
	the local imp.

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