Neuronal Migration caused by Ultrasound

ULISSES ulisses at
Tue Dec 3 15:11:15 EST 1996

Hello Jean Francois,

Thank you(merci) for your mail message. 
The reason for my question about was,  that the members of the
research project "Aqua Thougt" suggested that the sonar clicks of
dolphins probably cause neuronal migration in human brains when people
swim with them. 
There is a scientific field called "sono chemistry". In this research
they investigate the effects of ultrasound projected in liquids or
other substances. 
My additional question is now:
Do you (or somebody else who joins the NG) know about a field in brain
anatomy, where they investigate the effects of ultrasound
(electronically generated) in the human brain ?

Regards,    -ULISSES-


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