Neuronal tracing with DiI

Liam Gray liamgray at
Thu Dec 5 19:47:49 EST 1996

Jurgen Hens <jhens at> wrote:


>One of the subjects of my research is to trace neurons with the
>fluorescent dye DiI.  I would like to do this by precipitation of DiI
>onto glass beads (75µm), which subsequently are applied onto the neurons
>of interest.  My question is the following: does anyone have some
>suggestions how I can precipitate different layers of DiI crystals onto
>one glass bead?

Try directly applying a crystal with a tungsten micro electrode. Its
much finer than applying it with a glass bead. If you want to apply
different Di crytal types then simply repeat for each crystal type. 
If this is no good I have read an article where the authors applied Di
crystals using a glass microelectrode encrusted with crystals. They
simply broke the laden tip when in the correct position and left it
there. Doesn't sound very "atraumatic" but there it is! 

Liam ~:^)

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