Help!! I need advice. I might be having blanks.

Stephen Black sblack at UBISHOPS.CA
Sun Dec 8 15:17:34 EST 1996

On 8 Dec 1996, Sit Ubu sit!! (Good dog) wrote:

> Hi, I'm a student at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.
>    I have always wondered whether I might have something wrong:
> Whenever I'm in class or tired,  I experience extremely brief
> periods of discontinuity.  
>      I recently found out that a cousin of mine, a young girl,
> has a problem in which she experiences lapses, her eyes go blank
> and time stops for her during that time.  The only thing is that while
> hers last about half a second, mine probably last less.  She takes
> medication.

I hope people more knowledgeable than I am will reply to this but in case 
they don't, it sounds like petit mal epilepsy could be a possibility. I'd 
suggest you visit your friendly neighbourhood neurologist to find out. 
The Montreal Neurological Institute is just up the hill from you (just 
above the street named for its most famous expert on epilepsy, Wilder 

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