Help!! I need advice. I might be having blanks.

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Sun Dec 8 00:34:53 EST 1996

Hi, I'm a student at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.
   I have always wondered whether I might have something wrong:
Whenever I'm in class or tired,  I experience extremely brief
periods of discontinuity.  Sort of like the teacher is talking about
something and then suddenly is at the end of his sentence.  I
always thought that it was probably because I was tired or I
was daydreaming- however- I couldn't remember what I could have
been daydreaming/thinking about.
     I have always had this feeling as far as I can remember- but
simply ascribed it to daydreaming.
     I recently found out that a cousin of mine, a young girl,
has a problem in which she experiences lapses, her eyes go blank
and time stops for her during that time.  The only thing is that while
hers last about half a second, mine probably last less.  She takes
     This happens less when I am hyper or alert.
Anyone have any idea what it could be?  So far, no one has noticed it
except for me.  Could it simply be daydreaming?  Is it natural?
Maybe I'm not paying enough attention...

If you can help, please email me at w9mk at immediately.


Miguel Frias, 21 years old, Languages and Literature

Some people always seem to know the answer.  I'm willing to admit that I
don't even know the question.

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