Question on Autism & Benzodiazapenes

Jared Blackburn blackjar at
Mon Dec 9 16:02:03 EST 1996

I been told that Anit-Psychotic and Anti-Depressants have been given to 
Autisc people wiht listtle affect -- I'm really not surprized.  But given the 
common neural over arousal and the effacy of benzodiazapenes in treating 
various catatonic state (which have many features simmilar to those found in 
severly autistic individuals), have they ever been tried with autism?  If 
so, was it helpful?  Is there any reason to suspect that it would not work?  
I'm not suggesting this as a means of control, but of releif.  (In the case 
of high-fuctioning individuals, voluntary only.)


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