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Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
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At 15:13 2/12/96 GMT, you wrote:
>Richard Kerr wrote:
>>A questionable goal for no remuneration with little resources and bugger-all
>>chance of success......good luck chum, you'll need it.
>But is there is a payoff, what is the relative worth of that payoff?

Do you mean that "if this stuff actually works and we can bring people back
to 'life' then isn't that a big goal, that attracts attention and is
therefore worthwhile"?

or in other words....I've got a big end, how about you providing me with a
big means, which I will use to achieve my hopelessly overambitious and
over-stated goal.

I think that messing with this stuff would be fun until i realized that the
preliminary work that i need to provide my foundation is in its barest
infancy....or maybe you could point it out to me, Randy.

>>OTOH, there's a sucker born every minute.
>Can you elaborate, please?

Hmmmm, there is no subtle point here....take it as its read >:->

>>if we were frogs,the chance of success would rise from bugger-all to slim,
>>however the fact remains that we are warm-blooded terranic life forms.
>If we were birds, I guess we would have a better chance of flying,

My reference to frogs was serious (really!)  Ken Storey at Carleton U.
(Ottawa) does work on frogs that can survive up to 40 rounds of freeze-thaw
in the lab. It works down to -15 degrees celsius, however the system can't
take liquid nitrogen temps.  frogs are not warm-blooded and have quite a
different physiology to me (or even you)...hence the reference to
warm-blooded terranic life forms.  Go and look up this stuff, it makes for
good reading but it is in its infancy.

>>Why not spend your time searching for the fountain of youth ?

i've had several serious and witty responses to this line...I didn't realize
that some in cyberland were that poorly tempered.
>>And don't you mention nano-tech. either, humans do not exist in a vaccuum.
>>I think alt.sci.cryonics is the place for you.
>It's *sci*.cryonics.

never too late for a name change..speaking of names, your sig
(cryofan at that you might have a slight interest in the
topic, Randy.  Comments  ???? heheheheh

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