Trans-neural labeling info request.

Matt Fraser mof at
Mon Dec 9 20:15:32 EST 1996

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Scott Jacoves wrote:

> 	My research focuses on the characterisation of the neurological
> subtrate underying tymbal sound production in a variety of hexapods. I'm
> currently looking for a better, quicker way to nail down pathways, as
> I'm hoping to examine the information-processing capability of a central
> pattern generator, and most of the interneurons are unknown.
> 	My first choice was to use an Iridovirus to trans-synaptically trace
> the pathway. Unfortunately, the lab I work in is not geared for class 2
> biohazard protocols. I'm now looking for other possible routes for
> trans-synaptic (and hopefully flourescent) labeling. The only prep I've
> found after many exhaustive literature searches is Horseradish
> peroxidase conjugated with wheat germ lectin. If this prep works (as far
> as I can tell, no one has intracellulary ionotophoresed this into insect
> neurons), this will only travel anterograde. My CPG is probably a second
> order interneuron on the efferent end of the path, so I need a
> retrograde label.

Don't know if it will work on insects, but I can't dee why not - Dye I,
which can be used to transynaptically label fixed tissue.  It takes a
month or so, but it may be your only hope if you can't use viruses.

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