magnetic orientation

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Thu Dec 12 08:14:04 EST 1996

Patrik HÖller <unb310 at> wrote:

>Hi there,
>I am new here  - so please tell me if I am digging at the wrong site:
>I am planning to do a research on magnetic orientation in bats. For that 
>purpose I am gathering any information concerning magnetic orientation in 
>mammals (quite rare, I guess...)
>Thanks in advance to all of you wasting a few thoughts to my problem - -
You could also join the <alt.animals.dolphins> Newsgroup. The magnetic
sense is known in cetacea. Magnetic material has been found in the
brains of several whale species. Fin whales for instance navigate
along the earth magnetic field. Modern research suggests that dolphins
are able to percept magnetic energy as well as electromagnetic waves.
My home page contains some links to marine mammal related research



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