model of the synaptic vesicle

Joseph T. Ho jtho at
Thu Dec 12 03:27:19 EST 1996

Doesn't that depend on what kind of axon/synapse you're talking about?  In a
neuromuscular junction about 100-300 vesicles are released whereas in a normal
neuron-neureon synapse, only 1-10 vesicles are released.

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Xiaohui HU (martian at PUBLIC3.BTA.NET.CN) wrote:
: I am a graduate student major in neuroscience, my interset is the the
: number of vesicles in neurotransmitter release. and about how many 
: vesicles are released in a single presynaptic exocytosis. and whether
: all the vesicles docking in the presynaptic membrane will release.

: I will be reached at maritan at Thanks a lot!

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