EMG electrodes +use

Lombardi Christopher L cl1078 at lilith.albany.edu
Wed Dec 18 09:58:21 EST 1996

Hi, Ive got a few questions on the topic
of EMG electrodes that I would be very grateful
if someone could help me with.
Electrode gel.  What specifically is its purpose?
I had heard it was an abrasive compound, is it
also a conductor?  Would rubbing fine sandpaper
across the skin fufill the same purpose?

How close can surface EMG electrodes be placed
before they interfere with each other?  I know
sensors are passive devices and they dont
'interfere' with each other.  When you have
wires conducting a current, and another wire
nearby, the live wire's magnetic field can
induce a small amount of current in the other
wire.  I would assume it would be the same for
EMG electrodes and wires, but when you deal
with such small current, would it be a problem?
Also, in biofeedback studies, people
have been able to independently trigger many needle
electrodes placed in close proximity.  Would the
same be true of EMG surface electrodes?  If not,
how far apart would the surface sensors need to
be placed (this assumes use of the most highly
localized passive electrodes available)?
Many thanks in advance :)


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