daytime fatigue (sleepiness) relief

Jason Eriksen jerikse at
Thu Dec 19 10:18:33 EST 1996

Rather than using drugs to combat daytime fatigue, take 7-7.5 hours of
sleep a night on a regular basis. Most people who are chronically
tired but in an otherwise good state of health get less than 7 hours
worth of sleep each night; multiple sleep studies have suggested that
this length of time is required for most people in order to feel

phis at (James Howard) wrote:

>I recently had the occasion to explain how wellbutrin (bupropion) may
>help people stop smoking; you can read it as "Bupropion, Smoking,
>Melatonin, and DHEA" at and some other groups.
>During my work on this, I came to the conclusion that a small amount
>of melatonin should releive daytime fatigue and sleepiness.  This
>seems contradictory to most ideas about melatonin; I considered it
>contrary to my theory of sleep at,
>but, again, my work on my bupropion idea suggested that it might work.
>Well, I have taken about 1 mg of melatonin a number of occasions
>during a time when I felt I would have to give up, due to fatigue or
>sleepiness, and go ahead and nap.  Well, this small amount of
>melatonin actually revives me; it takes about 20 mins for me to feel
>the effects.  This is so dramatic that I thought this newsgroup should
>know about this.  Please bear in mind that I also take DHEA, which I
>think is necessary for the effect.  I know how frustrating daytime
>fatigue and sleepiness can be.  I hope this works for others.
>James Howard

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