Left/right brain integration

Mark McDonald Scintor at isat.com
Sat Dec 21 03:14:26 EST 1996

In article <329B10F3.699E at iac.net>, Perry Sill <psill at iac.net> wrote:

>Does anyone know of any literature on a relationship between a) deficits of
>integration between the left & right brains, and b) personality? I am
>interested in such formulations as they would apply to normal (not
>split-brain or otherwise brain-damaged) subjects. Thanks in advance.

You might also find interesting cases where a hehispherectomy has been
done (one usually severly malformed adn deseased hehisphere of the brain
is removed).  These could serve as a test for if a hemisphere is missing,
what can the other hemisphere compensate for.  I know that the procedure
has been done but I do not know what if any research has been done on it.


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