Left-Handedness - Brain Damage?

Jeffery L. Hayden jlh at west.net
Fri Dec 20 23:52:49 EST 1996

engelking at earthlink.net wrote:
> I am a left-handed person and I have been recently reading up on the
> causes of my handednes.. Many of the reports I have read conclude that it
> is caused by either trauma to the brain at birth, it is genetic, or that
> it is a form of brain damage (!). What is the status of all these theories
> in the medical community? And also, do we left-handed people have any
> special right brain skills (visual-spatial I've read?)? What are the
> consequences of being left-handed? How do I differ from right-handers?
> Thanks,
> engelking at earthlink.net

The causes of left handedness are numerous and include all of those you 
cited.  The neuropsychological sequelae associated with pathological left 
handedness (resulting from brain trauma)largely depend on the severity 
and time of insult.  As a rule, the earlier the better.  Also, though 
some special skills may be more prevalent in the left handed community 
(e.g., visuospatial), the manifestation varies greatly.


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