Important: New Award-Winning Mental Health Resources

Ian Pitchford I_Pitchford at MSN.COM
Sat Dec 21 17:44:41 EST 1996

[please forward to your colleagues]
Major new mental health resources at the Centre for
Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield
(apologies if you receive more than one copy of this notice)

InterPsych - The World's First and Largest
Mental Health Cyberorganization: includes search
engine and auto-subscription to fifty professional lists
serving ten thousand members world-wide.

Online Dictionary of Mental Health (Europe's largest
Mental Health database): (links to most of the world's
mental health resources, psychology and psychiatry depts,
mental health search engines and databases.)

Online Dictionary of Human Thought (under construction)

Library - links to MEDLINE, ten search engines,
electric library, Internet Book Shop (912,000 titles),
Any Psych Book (50,000 titles), people finder,
journals, online books, etc

Distance Education in Mental Health from one
of the UK's Top 20 Universities(Masters degrees)

Disability Studies Centre

Art Therapy Centre


Journal of Behaviour Analysis and Therapy:



Psychoanalytic Studies

Free Associations


Science as Culture

Also joining us soon: Self-Help and Psychology
Magazine, and PsychNews International.

R M Young - Online Books and Papers

Vote for the Mental Health Top Ten


Vote for the Ten best Sites in the History of Ideas

Information (including Online Professional Registration)

Search the Site

Find a Contact

Academic and Clinical Courses

WISH  - Multimedia Self-Help System for Students


Please visit soon and help us develop as your
primary mental health resource!

Warmest regards

Ian Pitchford - Ian.Pitchford at
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
University of Sheffield
16 Claremont Crescent
Tel: +44 (0)114 282 4973

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