Left-Handedness - Brain Damage?

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>>> I am a left-handed person and I have been recently reading up on the
>>> causes of my handednes.. Many of the reports I have read conclude that it
>>> is caused by either trauma to the brain at birth, it is genetic, or that
>>> it is a form of brain damage (!). What is the status of all these theories
>>> in the medical community? And also, do we left-handed people have any
>>> special right brain skills (visual-spatial I've read?)? What are the
>>> consequences of being left-handed? How do I differ from right-handers?

I am ostensibly right-handed.  I have a sister who is strongly
left-handed, and there are several others in my family who are
likewise.  I spent a great deal of time, as a child, with my
grandmother, who was from the "old country" and was superstitious.
She felt that the left hand was "evil".

As I grew up (right-handed), I discovered that there were numerous
things that I did better with my left hand.  I became a
"switch-hitter" when I played baseball in high school (unusual in
those days).  When I chose my career (I am a neurosurgeon), I
discovered that I was actually ambidexterous, and could perform
skilled hand movements with either hand.  This has been a great boon
to me (and to my patients).

I suspect that I was born left-handed, and was "switched" by my
superstitious grandmother (I asked her when she was still alive, but
she denied it).  I think that handedness is genetic most of the time
(in the absence of other "brain damage"); and that, if done early in
life, can be "switched" easily.  In my case, it proved to be



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