Information Request: Neurapathy?

nomad at nomad at
Wed Dec 25 15:29:27 EST 1996

My family and I would really appreciate any help with this.  The
following is everything that my grandmother has been through in the
past few months and we still haven't found any help.  We would like to
know a definiton of neurapathy, if it she has the symptoms, where we
might find other sources of information on the subject, and what type
of doctor to see for help.  Thanks!

	Surgery 7-20-96, double pneumonia same day, followed by wound
infection - Severe neck pain to back = numbness and severe pain
(charley horse in back and radiating pain - worse at night - no sleep.
medication of no help.  Hands and feet freezing to numbness, needles,
pads on feet and cramping of feet and toes, facial sensations.  x-rays
taken, cat scan, MRI, bone scan, blood tests, electrodiagnostic test
(electrodes to head and extremities.  peripheral side affected.
central nervous   system not as bad.  neurologist vacillating on
diagnosis.  what steps to take for therapy or where to go.  7-20-96 to
l2-25-96.  Need  advice!

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