Growing into consciousness

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>From whence does the commonality in brain structures give rise to
>common yet diverse experience? Is there any factual information
>showing how this happens? Not the learning of the experiences, but
>more in the way of a mapping for how the brain is able to
>experience/store/recall these seeming ambiguous modes in the same time
>dynamic structures. 

I suspect you will enjoy the works of Francisco Varela & Humberto Maturana
on "structural coupling" (in "The Tree of Knowledge", but also Varela's
work with Thompson and Rosch ("The Embodied Mind") and possibly Gregory
Bateson's notion of "calibration" as opposed to "feedback" ("Steps to an
Ecology of Mind", "Mind & Nature" and "Angels Fear").

In a sense they make nature historical again (remember way back when
"biology" was called "natural history"?).

Ton Maas, Amsterdam NL

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