GABA analysis

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Thu Feb 1 08:56:27 EST 1996

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> Hi all - I'm a first year graduate student in psychobiology at Ohio State and 
> I'm doing brain microdialysis in rats, looking at GABA.  We are having
SO much 
> trouble getting our HPLC to work for this neurotransmitter - if anyone has 
> done this successfully I would love to hear from you - I'm almost ready to 
> throw the whole machine out the window :-)   You can email me at 
> areilly.29 at  Thanks so much!!  


What is the sample matrix?  What method have you tried?  There are very
good methods available via opa/t-BT derivatization via LCEC.  If you can
send additional info about your application to me a cam at perhaps I
can provide more insight.  Members of our group routinely analyze GABA in
microdialysate samples.


C. A. Marvin
Brussels BELGIUM

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