relationship between Dia and conduction Velocity

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For starters try:

Gillespie, M.J., & Stein, R.B. (1983).  Relationship between axon diameter, myelin thickness 
and conduction velocity during atropy of mammalian peripheral nerves.  Brain Res. 2591, 41-56.

Waxman, S.G. (1980).  Determinants of conduction velocity in myelinated nerve fibers.  Muscle 
Nerve 3(2), 141-150.

You may want to follow these up through the Science Citation Index.  

--Good luck!

rehabdr at (Dong-Sik Park) wrote:
>Samit <sc203 at> wrote:
>>Does anyone know about the realtionship between the external/ internal 
>>diameter and the conduction velocity of a myelinated nerve.
>>Could you mail me the info or atleast point me in the right direction.
>Factors determining conduction velocity are diameter, myelination,
>temperature & Age.
>The larger the diameter, the faster the conduction.
>The relationship between fibe diameter and conduction velocity is 
>shown to be 6m/sec/um (micrometer) for relatively large-diameter
>myelinated mammalian nerve fiber.

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