Interneural Radio Communication

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>	I honestly believe that brain cells communicate over
>long distances, I mean between brains, via naturally emitted
>radio or microwaves. I am currently attempting to detect such
>emissions as radio spectra.
>	Does anyone concede that this is possible?

Concede that what is possible?  1) Is it possible that you are searching for
these radio waves?  2) Is it possible that the waves exist?  3) If the waves
exist, is it possible to detect them?

1) yes, high probability
2) no, very low probability, near zero
3) no, probability less than for 2) 

Be carefull.  One doesn't just go out and look for these sorts of things.  You
need to begin with a clear idea of what you are looking for and where you are
apt to find it.

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