Does Anybody Know If A Drug Information Clearinghouse Exists?

Hilary Bates hbates at
Wed Feb 28 18:03:27 EST 1996

motzko at L. Motzko ) wrote:
>My name is Paulette motzko and I'm the director of The Epilepsy
>Foundation of Orange County.  Every day I deal with drug interactions,
>the problems of side effects affecting life quality, and a variety of
>other drug-related issues.  It would be wonderful if an information
>line or a clearinghouse existed that a person could resort to when in
>need of an answer or two!  Is there such a thing as a Physicians Desk
>Reference on CD ROM?

Yes, it is available on CD ROM, updated quarterly (cf. the print
version which is only updated annually). Produced by Medical Economics
Company Inc., publisher of PDR. Try 1-800-232-7379 for further

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