Does Anybody Know If A Drug Information Clearinghouse Exists?

Paulette L. Motzko motzko at
Wed Feb 28 23:08:46 EST 1996

Paulette writes:
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for that very crucial bit of
I'll be calling that number tomorrow!
In <4h2mvv$208 at> Hilary Bates <hbates at> writes:

>motzko at L. Motzko ) wrote:
>>My name is Paulette motzko and I'm the director of The Epilepsy
>>Foundation of Orange County.  Every day I deal with drug
>>the problems of side effects affecting life quality, and a variety of
>>other drug-related issues.  It would be wonderful if an information
>>line or a clearinghouse existed that a person could resort to when in
>>need of an answer or two!  Is there such a thing as a Physicians Desk
>>Reference on CD ROM?
>Yes, it is available on CD ROM, updated quarterly (cf. the print
>version which is only updated annually). Produced by Medical Economics
>Company Inc., publisher of PDR. Try 1-800-232-7379 for further
>hbates at
>*** Disclaimer: These are the opinions of the poster not Amgen Inc.***

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