Auditory Modeling

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I assume you're already familiar with "Auditory Representations of Acoustic 
Signals," by Yang, Wang, & Shamma, (IEEE Trans Info Thy 38, Mar 92). 
A computational model to predict neural spikes, given the auditory stimulus, 
is described in "A model for the responses of low-frequency auditory-nerve 
fibers in cat," by Laurel H. Carney, in J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 93 (1), Jan 93.
That's cat, not bat. 

I should state that I'm no expert, just interested in models of hearing. 
I haven't found one that isn't complicated and/or over-simplified. 
If you have, please let me know. 


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>Who, aside from Shihab Shamma, has done much neural modeling of the 
>auditory system, especially in bats?
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