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:What are the most recent theories regarding the generation of brainwaves.
:I understand that theories have been put forward regarding certain
:thalamic nuclei, which contain certain neurons firing at different rates. 
:These neurons project to the cortex and summation of these impulses are
:recorded as brainwaves.
:But is anymore known in this area?  It all seems rather vague....

This definitely is not the leading explanation, but there are a few
competing theories.  I have my own multiscale calculations that support
generation of EEG, with some papers available in my archive.  Paul Nunez's book
contains several chapters that do justice to several approaches,
                Neocortical Dynamics and Human EEG Rhythms
                                P.L. Nunez
                       Oxford University Press, 1995
                            ISBN 0-19-505728-7
The preface to this book is in

:Also, it seems accepted that brainwaves can be broken down into their
:component sine waves by fourier transform, but what evidence is there that
:brainwaves ARE sinusoidal?  What evidence shows that brainwaves cannot
:REALLY be sawtooth in some instances, square in others etc.  Are we
:creating an artificial construct?

This is quite a reach.

:Anyone have any answers?

Quite a few people have _some_ answers.

:E-Mail or post on newsgroups please, thanks,

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