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Alan Fried albe at cnct.com
Mon Jul 1 16:36:31 EST 1996

fbloom at scripps.edu (Floyd E. Bloom) wrote:

>According to my sources Botulinum Toxin is approved for clinical use in
>cases of strabismus (crossed eyes) , blepharospasm (spastic eye lids) and
>disorders of the seventh (facial) cranial nerve disorders (like a Bell's
>palsy that leads to spasms in the face) in people older than 7.  It is
>also used for other purposes like wry neck (tense neck muscles) and focal
>spastic muscles that can occur after strokes, and in some cases for
>spastic back pain.  None of the latter are "approved" uses which means
>that health insurance companies won't pay for them.

Yes as I said the small muscle groups like the orbicularis oculi and
orbicularis oris (facial muscles), trapezius and sternocleidomastoid
muscles (wry kneck) and other small muscle groups (including the
larnygeal and eye recti muscles).

It is being used here in New York City to treat spasticity in the leg
muscles as well but it may be still in the experimental stage so your
point is well taken


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