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Captopril can induce emotional indifference

Claude de Contrecoeur Cyrano at beehive.twics.com
Fri Jul 5 09:22:53 EST 1996

Captopril:Induction of Emotionnal Indifference by Captopril
Captopril is an angiotensin converting enzyme(ACE)inhibitor which has been reported to 
have "anti-depressant" effects.In fact,the alleged anti-depressant effect of captopril 
and related molecules is a pseudo-anti-depressant effect because captopril is,in 
fact,a potent thymoanesthesiser! A thymoanesthesiser is a molecule which induces 
pharmacological blunting of emotions.Thymoanesthesisers induce emotionnal indifference 
reminiscent of the blunting of affect which is seen in the negative forms of schizophr
There are many thymoanesthesisers wrongly classified as "anti-depressants"! For 
I.The serotonin re-uptake blockers such as fluvoxamine,paroxetine,citalopram,etc.
As psychopharmacologists have only experimented their products on animals and 
others(!)they have misinterpreted thymoanesthesy as an "anti-depressant" effect 
because the patients who are emotionnally anesthesised do not complain anymore of 
being depressed!!! So these people wrongly misinterpret emotionnal indifference as an 
"anti-depressant" effect.This error is similar to the case of a person who would 
suffer from painful hemorhoids and who would stop complaining when his doctor would 
put Xylocaine(an a
nesthesic)on his hemorhoids! A naive doctor may then proclaim that his patient is 
"cured" with Xylocaine as he or she does not complain anymore...The situation that we 
have now with thymoanesthesisers is exactly similar but instead of anesthesing 
physical pain you anesthesise psychological pain.Anesthesing psychological pain 
is,clearly, NOT an anti-depressant effect as a true anti-depressant effect should 
stimulate rewarding emotions and the desire to live,despite adverse conditions.A true 
t should not substract a part of your personality,as thymoanesthesisers do.
When experimenting with captoptil I noticed that this molecule would induce a quite 
strong indifference to everything,sex included! Captopril can make you impotent 
because it suppresses the DESIRE to engage in copulation.I would be interested to know 
what is the real percentage of people taking ACE inhibitors who suffer,afterwards,of 
impotence or relative emotional indifference?
This impotence can be reversed by yohimbine.
What is interesting with captopril is that it can induce depression if you stop the 
medication rather abruptly.This is a very interesting observation as normal 
thymoanesthesisers do not induce depression when they are,abruptly,stopped.
The emotional indifference induced by captopril opens a new avenue of research in the 
field of negative schizophrenia.

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