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money making/saving reports

Wayne R. Baker baker at iastate.edu
Tue Jul 9 14:10:13 EST 1996

In bionet.molec-model,  Fred K. Lenherr <lenherr at tiac.com> wrote
:David N. Gaines wrote:
:> In article <01bb6c75.8e548da0$608545c7 at system>, Trythis at Money.com says...
:> >
:> >Get lots of expensive stuff free by paying me
:> What sort of sleasy scam is this, and what does it have to do with
:> mycology???????
: [ ... ]
:The question is, how do we keep ads/pyramid schemes/junk email out of
:the unmoderated newsgroups?

  From the biosci.* FAQ:

1) What to do about "spams," i.e., junk mail, ads, etc.
BIOSCI is a set of parallel USENET newsgroups (the "bionet" groups)
and mailing lists.  The same postings are distributed on both media
(except for a small number of mailing-list-only groups at
net.bio.net).  Unfortunately it is becoming a despicable practice on
the Internet (by a few people out to make a fast buck) to do automated
mass postings to thousands of newsgroups and mailing lists.  These
attempts to grab free advertising are refered to as "spams" in the
usual, somewhat boneheaded, net terminology.  USENET is more
susceptible to this practice, and many spams originate on the USENET
groups and then are passed on to the mailing lists.  However, spammers
also get lists of mailing addresses and hit these too, so neither
medium is immune.

:I find that Money.com is retrieved by AltaVista:

  The From: line carries little meaning now-days. If you look at
the path of the post, you'll find that it originated at att.net:

Path: news.iastate.edu!newsrelay.iastate.edu!news.physics.uiowa.edu!newsfeed.ksu.ksu.edu!news.mid.net!newsfeeder.gi.net!newsfeed.internetmci.com!hunter.premier.net!netnews.worldnet.att.net!newsadm
  money.com doesn't look like they run their own news spool. When I see
posts like the one that started this, I forward a copy to news at the
site of origin. In trn, this is done by  

	s | mail -s "(fwd) money making/saving reports" news at att.net

  If the newsadmin gets enough complaints, they'll take action. I'm over
in bionet.molec-model which has low enough traffic that posts like this
are annoying, but not too frequent. If it's worse in your group, you
could opt for moderation but that doesn't guarantee stuff like this won't
show up again. Getting boneheads like the original poster spanked is
about all that can be done. 

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