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5th Appalachian Conference on Behavioral Neurodynamics

Dennis McClain-Furmanski dmcclain at runet.edu
Wed Jul 10 20:39:55 EST 1996

5th Appalachian Conference on Behavioral Neurodynamics
Conference Topic:  Brain And Values
Friday, October 18, 1996 to Monday, October 21, 1996
Radford University, Radford, Virginia, USA
The Fifth Appalachian Conference on Behavioral Neurodynamics is
devoted to the topic "Brain and Values". The first three conferences
were mainly concerned with perception, the fourth with learning. The
organization of the conferences devolved on "two gaps in the
behavioral account that only brain science can fill." B.F. Skinner,
the arch-behaviorist known for most of his life as promoting an "empty
organism" approach to psychology, made this statement a year before
his death. He identified the gaps as occurring (1) between a
stimulating event and the resulting behavior of the organism and (2)
between a response and its effect on subsequent behavior. The first
three conferences dealt with the initial gap; last year we began to
tackle the second.
Learning as self-organization, last year's topic, turned out to be
based on two classes of variables: one class is composed of events
consequent on behavior (e.g. memory), the other on states
intrinsically internal to the organism. Appalachian V addresses the
Values (evaluations, appraisals) generated by these variables.
The participants in this conference are vanguards of a new wave of
interest in the neuroscience of Values. All have already been
productive in this area of investigation -- viz. "The Triangle of
Love" or "Affect Regulation in the Origin of the Self." Bringing these
scientists together with those that are primarily "neural networkers"
is the aim of Appalachian V, as it was with the previous conferences.
The Fifth Appalachian Conference on Behavioral Neurodynamics is being
organized by Dr. Karl H. Pribram, Professor, Eminent Scholar, and
Director, Center for Brain Research and Informational Sciences; and
Joseph S. King, Professor, both of Radford University, Radford,
Virginia, USA. Co-sponsors for this conference are the International
Neural Network Society and the Foundation For A News Social Science.
Schedule and Speakers
Friday, Oct. 18
Student Tutorial
Saturday, Oct. 19
"Frontolimbic Functions"
Luder Deeke, Neurological Clinic, University of Vienna, Austria:
"Readiness for Action."
Ben Murdock, Dept. of Psychology, University of Toronto, Canada:
"Distributed Memory Models and Behavioral Data."
Allan Schore, Northridge, CA: "The Experience-dependent Maturation of
an Evaluative System in the Cortex."
Thomas Zentall, Dept. of Psychology, University of Kentucky,
Lexington, KY: "The Symbolic Representation of Arbitrary Events by
Abram Amsell, Dept. of Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, TX:
"Hippocampal and Vicarious Trial-and-Error (VTE): The Relation to
Frustration Theory and Impulsivity."
James McClelland, Dept. of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, PA: "Why Are There Complimentary Learning Systems in the
Hippocampus and Neocortex: Insights From the Successes and Failures of
Connectionist Models of Learning and Memory."
Sunday, Oct 20
"Memory and Values"
Bruce MacLennon, Computer Science Dept., University of Tennessee,
Knoxville, TN: "Mixing Memory and Desire: Wants and Will in
Daniel Alkon, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD: "Dendritic
Spine Clusters: Distributed Units of Biological Memory."
Gary Schwartz, Psychology Dept., University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ:
"Do All Dynamic Systems Have Memory? Implications of the Systemic
Memory Hypothesis for Science and Society."
Robert Thatcher, Veterans Administration Hospital, Bay Pines, FL: "A
Mathematical Model of Self-Organization of Human Posterior and Frontal
Cortical Development."
"Value in Context"
Teuvo Kohonen, Neural Networks Research Center, Helsinki University of
Technology, Finland: "For Effective Self-organization, Spatially and
Temporally Controlled Synaptic Plasticity is Needed."
Harold Szu, Center for Advanced Computer Studies, University of
Southwest Louisiana, Lafayette, LA: "How Do Values Monitor Performances
of Artificial Neural Networks."
Sam Leven, For A New Social Science, Coral Spring, FL: "Framing
Reality Dynamically: Affective, Motivational and Cognitive
Robert Sternberg, IBM Professor of Psychology and Education, Dept. of
Psychology, Yale University; Keynote Address: "What Does it Mean for
Abilities to be Biological?"
Monday, Oct. 21
Student Tutorial and Post Vivem
Radford University is located in the town of Radford, in southwest
Virginia, along Interstate 81, 40 miles southwest of Roanoke.
Air travel: connections may be made to Roanoke. Also, more connections
may be made to Charlotte, North Carolina, 3 hours driving distance.
Driving: Radford in along I-81, between the interchanges with I-64 (70
miles north) and I-77 (40 miles south). Take exit 109 off I-81 into
Radford on Route 177 (Tyler Avenue).
Bus service is available in downtown Radford, 1 block from campus.
Best Western Radford Inn, one mile from campus on Rt. 177.
540-639-3000. Special Rates for Conference attendees.
Super 8 Motel, one mile from campus on Rt. 177. 540-731-9355. Special
Rates for Conference attendees.
The Oaks, an historic bed and breakfast country inn, Christiansburg, 8
miles from campus; take exit 118 off I-81, 311 East Main St.,
Towne Motel, Christiansburg, 7 miles from campus. Exit at Rt. 8 from
I-81, 1 mile to intersection of Rt 8 and US 11. 540-382-6625.
Saturday and Sunday lunches may be purchased as a package with
registration, as can Saturday dinner. There are a variety of
restaurants within walking and short driving distance, as well as meal
accommodations available on campus.
The form below can be mailed with payment to:
Office of University Advancement, Box 6915, Radford, VA 24142
You can fax the completed form to 540-831-6630
You can e-mail the completed form to kpribram at runet.edu
Place of Employment__________________________________________________
Business Address_____________________________________________________
City________________ State_______ Zip__________ Country______________
Home phone_______________________ Office phone_______________________
Credit card users, circle one:  Master Card  /  Visa  /  Discover
Name on card_________________________________________________________
Expires ______/_______
Circle options desired:
Registration               $80.00
Student Registration       $20.00
Saturday & Sunday Lunches  $15.00
Saturday Dinner            $15.00
TOTAL                     ________
For more information or to request a full brochure to be mailed, please
e-mail kpribram at runet.edu or call 540-831-6108.

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