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Head sensations 'like electric shocks'

Diane Pritchatt diane at bnclib.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 12 04:31:56 EST 1996

I wonder if anyone can help me?

I am experiencing some very strange sensations in my head on and off.
It is like having a series of internal 'electric shocks' or 'brain 
spasms', and I feel really wierd.  I find it hard to keep my balance, 
and have to concentrate really hard on the ground, eg the side walk, 
to make sure I keep going the right way.  I ended up holding onto the 
fridge in Marks and Spencer's food hall the other day.

I also feel like I 'can't see' properly.  I thought perhaps that was 
stress, as I CAN see, but my brain just seems to keep telling me that 
the field of vision is not being experienced at the sides.  If I 
concentrate hard, I can actually force myself to see things.
I suffer from asthma, and can't breathe very well anyway, but when I 
get one of these 'shocks', it makes me inhale sharply, like a gasp.

I have a 'bad' neck - something wrong with C2 vertebra, following 2 
car accidents in which I had whiplash - but the second one was 2 
years ago.  I have had a lot of dreadful neuralgic type pain for years 
with the neck, and in my face and eye, making me vomit when it is at 
its height.  I cannot move until the pain subsides, which can take up 
to 3 days.

Lately I have been utterly exhausted, but blood tests showed I was not
hypothyroidic or anaemic.  I feel like crying a lot of the time, and 
feel this is due to the sheer exhaustion feelings, and seem to be 
thirsty a lot, which means I drink a lot, then spend ages in the toilet.

I am also taking anti depressants to control my pain, and it has 
helped me a lot.  Prior to this, I was often suicidal and had very 
frequent attacks of neck pain, which became almost continuous and 
stopped me functioning at all.-

I think I work hard.  I am always early to work, and try to leave on 
time - the mornings have always been my best time, so I try to take 
advantage of this.  But I am ending up going home and just crashing on 
the sofa all evening, until I finally literally drag my body up the 
stairs to bed.  I have tried increasing fruit & veg in my diet and 
taking mega vitamins, which have not helped.  I also tried going to the 
gym after work and doing a few minutes on the treadmill and cycle a 
couple of times a week, to try and get my metabolism up, as I am 
putting on a lot of weight, but it has not helped.

I am getting to the point of desperation, and wishing to God I didn't 
have to work, but there is not a lot of choice!

I wonder if anyone can help me?- ---------
Diane Pritchatt    EMail diane at bnclib.demon.co.uk

I think, therefore I am.
                                     Rene Descartes
I am, therefore I'm worthy.  
                                     Diane Pritchatt


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