Need figures relating to neurons

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Mon Jul 15 16:21:47 EST 1996

In article <4same7$i49 at>, rof at (Ruadhan O'Flanagan) writes:
|> I'm doing some computer brian modelling, and I need some figures about neurons.
|> Firstly, approximately how many neurons occupy unit volume of cortex(neglecting
|> white matter)? Approximately how far do the axons and dendrites of cortical
|> neurons(particularly those in area V1) reach? And, what proportion of neurons
|> within its reach would a single neuron contact?

Braitenberg's 'Anatomy of the Cortex' is a good book for these sorts of
questions. There are about 50 000 neurons/mm^3, The axons and dendrites are of
very varied lengths, depending on the neuron type. From 100 um to several mm.
A single neuron probably contacts between 1% and 10% of neurons 'within its


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