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Announce: NeuroBoards & Chips

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Tue Jul 16 09:46:51 EST 1996

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NeuroMemory Chips - An introduction to PLAM

PALM (Programmable Adaptive Learning Memory) is a hyperparallel chip incorporating 36 independent processors. Each processor performs a neuron-like operation such as Radial Basis Function process with either LI or Lsup distance evaluation. Alternatively, K-Nearest Neighbor calculations may be performed.
The PALM-36 devices can be cascaded with no theoretical limit, which means that PALM chips may be paralleled as necessary to accommodate the application requirements with only typical digital fanout considerations in driver circuit designs.
PALM performs a K Nearest Neighbor operation in 3 µseconds independent of the number of reference vectors. The distance evaluation time remains constant (approximately 3 µseconds), no matter how many neurons are included in the network. This level of performance is unmatched, even by available supercomputers.
PALM will learn new vectors and adapt the collection of reference vectors by submitting the training vector along with the desired output. No programming is required to teach the network. Each network may be trained "insitu" (in the application situation), or may be preloaded with recognition criteria from its computer host using the PALM Save/Restore functions. Learned information may also be saved and later restored to the same network, or transferred to another network.
PALM is a trademark of Neuroptics Technologies, Inc.
NEUROPTICS Microsystems 
Neural networks and optronics microsystems 

* 16 PALM-36 chips providing 576 neurons (processors) in parallel
* 30,000 Recognitions/second
* 36,864 connections (synapses)
* l.1 billion connections/second
* Equivalent 3 billion instructions/second (3 GIPS)
* Save and restore operation allows knowledge keeping, transfer, and management
* No programming required
* High speed data feeding, 500 ns per vector component
* High speed recognition, 900 ns after the last component is entered
* Real time learning (900 ns)
* Variable length vector
* Perform Ll, Lsup or KNN process
* 127 context attributes
* 16 data-bit ISA bus access
* ISA bus interrupter (Recognition & Learning completed)
* Multiple boards can be cascaded
ISA interface specification 
* Data bus : 16 bits
* I/O Decoded (jumper selectable)

*Image processing 
Texture analysis
Ultra-fast target detection, recognition, and tracking
Satellite imaging
Ultra-fast industrial inspection
Medical imaging recognition and anomaly detection
Real time vector quanitization image compression
Real time filtering
Human face and activity recognition
Sensor embedded image enhancement processor
Video image compression
Autonomous air and ground vehicle guidance
Video features extraction and enhancement
Video signal encryption
Optical character and diagram recognition
Video-based counting and classification

*Signal processing 
Real-time sonar and Doppler processing
Medical and chemical analysis
On-line predictive maintenance
Multisensor signal correlation and control
Real-time filtering and spurious signal rejection
Ultra-fast and reliable voice recognition

*Data processing 
Ultra-fast database search
Real-time process control
Data classification
Data compression
Transaction detection
Ultra-fast database correlation

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All specifications are subject to change without notice
doc 3-001 rev 60702

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