HELP! Brain Aneurisms & Treatment

monica harrion ilikeit at
Fri Jul 19 10:52:54 EST 1996

Is there anyone out there who knows any information on Brain Aneurisms
and treatment after surgery?

My mother suffered a brain aneurism 3 years ago. The doctors didn¹t
discovered she had one until 4 to 5 days after she suffered the
dramatic attack.  She had neurosurgery to clamp the blood vessel
in her brain. At first, she was mentally incompetent (jittery, parinoid,
loss of short term memory,forgetful) to function normally before.
She got better after she got off Nimotop and Dilatin. 

After 1 year from her surgery, she got a part-time job but after 6 months
she quit. She hasn¹t worked in 2 years. It seems as if she was improving
until these last few weeks her memory is slipping away. She is slowing
losing her short term memory again, reconstructing false memories, and
sometimes remembering what she wants to remember.

So what I¹m asking is what can I do to help her improve her memory,
especially her short term memory? Are any drugs or doctors or medical
journals or anything that can me and my family to understand this
crisis. If there are any rehab services available, please let me know.

Thanks a bunch!

Moni Harrion

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