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Brain scan stats.

john john at nine7.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 20:52:27 EST 1996

The information in brain scans is enormous and processing this sort of data has 
probably hardly begun.
I myself am not an expert but have thought about causes of dyslexia.
Stock market info' is also difficult to process and coralate paterns with 
events or thearys as to event causes.
Whilest stats has helped so to has employing electronic neural nets to hunt for 
sense in it.
I have nurtured an idea regaurding the ecology of bacteria and viruses in the 
nasaul sinuses and the resulting brain lessions and rerouting of circuits.

Ive also been interested in the affect on various talent caperbility especially 
regaurding dyslexia.
Ive seen brain scans in a book on aslexia/ dyslexia with tiny but numerous 
lessions that were claimed to cause confusing rerouteing of circuits that 
manifest as requiring to concentrate on one task at a time (This example may 
have been an extreme case compared to average).
Ive even toyed with the idea that mixing of races could cause membranes of 
sinuses to be too weak to protect against lession causal agents as I believe 
the nausel area is fine tuned to certain environments of the world and their 
owners inherited bacteria/viral ecology of the skin.
Dark people sweat more incouraging differant bacteria.
Mid east people have adaptions to reabsorb moisture from breath in the nose.
White people of the north europe region have very thin skin that may be linked 
with its whiteness in that 12.5 thousand years ago they may have kept out of 
the ice age weather by living deep in caves of france where drawings have been 
Fundamentaly records of brain scans should be statisticaly assessed. --john 
(Everybody wants to be certifiably nice on this tide of awesome tech' power.)c -
-john (Everybody wants to be certifiably nice on this tide of awesome tech' 

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