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Mon Jun 3 07:16:23 EST 1996

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>You might want to take a look at the Forum that George Johnson (FIRE IN 
>THE MIND recently, IN THE PALACES OF MEMORY earlier, working on a bio 
>of Gell-Mann currently) runs at the New York Times web site:
>The general topic is Mysteries of the Universe, subsection
>    The Mind-Brain Connection 
>There's a lot of discussion of the brain-related science stories that 
>the NYTimes runs, as well as more general topics.  John McCarthy (he who 
>invented the term "AI") has been mentioning the need for self-awareness 
>in robots.  The Tucson consciousness conference is a topic, and some of 
>us have been discussing the Penrose-type confusions of levels of 
>explanation and mechanism, common to those outside neuroscience.

I think Penrose is "out of his mind" like a lot of physicists who want to put quantum 
mechanics everywhere!
His ideas are simply grotesque in neurosciences!

>Fogging memories via head injury and electroshock treatments was even 
>discussed at a mechanistic level.
>You have to register and get a password.  But, if you are using the 
>newer web browsers, the NYTimes web server recognizes your computer and 
>skips the login request on subsequent occasions.

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