Great Quotes in Neuroscience (Hebb, Hobson)

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>The "second act" of THE CEREBRAL CODE starts with these two epigrams:
>"I suggest that memory is organized with a framework of motor programs
>within the brain.  Far from being a black box of no relevance to
>behaviorist psychology, the brain is a jack-in-the-box, filled to the
>brim with spring-loaded plans of action.  As such it is the very
>wellspring of all behavior.  These brain-mind behavior programs, like
>sensory representations, are virtual  — and they have even been called
>"fictive" to capture their promissory aspect — but they are no less
>real.  In our being and becoming, they are us and we are they."
>               J. Allan Hobson, 1994

I wonder if Hobson has not derived that from some of my material!!!
>        "Rejection [of the idea that mental events have no locus] by
>common sense, for whatever reason, proves nothing.  Other fields of
>science are built on propositions that may seem absurd but in fact are
>true.  (Air is heavy, has weight?  Water is made up of two gases? The
>continents are adrift in the oceans?)"
>               Donald O. Hebb, 1980
>The citations are in the end notes:

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